Cell Phone Ballet

Lula Washington looks at technology through dance.

Lula Washington Dance Theatre

Dealing with internet issues and emails that go unanswered and ruffled feelings on social networks can certainly feel like a dance at times. Always leaping, some sidestepping, the occasional spin.

Which is why we were delighted to see that the lauded Lula Washington Dance Theatre will be at the Luckman on Saturday, May 15, presenting "www.connections.2010," a ballet about our daily technologies and how they impact our relationships and lives.

Beyond the ballet, which does incorporate cell phones, the Theatre will present a few classic dances that Lula Washington fans will recognize, as well as several other performances.

Lula Washington is an arts-world legend, a true visionary in a world that doesn't readily reward pushing boundaries. If you love dance, but haven't seen the Theatre live, this is a connection to make.

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