Century Plaza Hotel Passes Through PLUM

No, actress Diane Keaton didn't show, but here's the latest news in the tug of war over the Century Plaza hotel: The Planning and Land Use Management Committee (PLUM) voted to initiate a nomination to include the Century City hotel on the city's list of historical-cultural monuments, a move that sends it to a full City Council vote. Local developer Michael Rosenfeld wants to tear down the 19-story building and replace it with a two-tower hotel/condo development, a proposal that is being vehemently fought by conservationists who want to preserve the 1966 Minoru Yamasaki-designed structure.

After the vote, we caught up with Rosenfeld, and asked if he was considering any alternatives at this point in terms of the project, or would continue to proceed with his original plan.

"We're proceeding with the original plan. We think it has numerous planning, economic, environmental, and community benefits," said Rosenfeld. "But we're willing to work with the community and the Conservancy on exploring project enhancements." Following PLUM's decision, Rosenfeld and Michael Buhler, director of advocacy for the Los Angeles Conservancy, were seen in the hallway chatting, so at least everyone involved is on speaking terms, despite all the media coverage pitting this as a great preservation fight (which it still is.)

If the City Council approves the nomination process, then the Office of Historic Resources will prepare a report for the Cultural Heritage Committee to consider, and then the hotel gets ready to do another dizzying loop through PLUM and the City Council again. If the city decides the hotel at 2025 Avenue of the Stars is historic, the project's historical significance would have to be considered under CEQA review.

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