Chaotic Shuttle Ride Has Confused Passengers Leaping Out Windows

Long Beach police Friday were investigating the actions of a shuttle bus driver who was supposed to take people to the Queen Mary "Dark Harbor'' attraction, but instead drove them to Carson amid screaming protests by passengers, one of whom may have been punched by the driver.

Cell phone video taken by one of the passengers Thursday night shows people jumping out of windows on the bus and yelling at the driver to stop.

Other passengers told reporters the driver refused to say anything and wouldn't respond to protests by people demanding that he stop the bus.

Several passengers called 911 and police eventually stopped the bus in Carson. The bus was supposed to travel only from a Long Beach overflow parking lot to the Queen Mary.

Initial reports indicated that the driver might face a possible kidnapping charge, but police said Friday that was not the case, and the investigation was focusing only on an alleged physical altercation.

"Last night's bus incident was NOT a kidnapping and is only being investigated as a battery between driver and single passenger,'' police announced with a Twitter post. "We appreciate our community's concern and will release further information as details become available in the near future.''

A representative for the Queen Mary issued a statement saying "the safety and security of our guests are paramount.''

"We are working with all parties involved to learn more about the incident with this vendor, and will provide updates as more information develops,'' the official said.

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