Chaz Dean From Scalp to Body: LA hairstylist Chaz Dean has…

LA hairstylist Chaz Dean has made a name for himself and garnered a celeb following over the years with his detergent-free, latherless (which takes a bit of getting used to) all-in-one shampoo / conditioner / detanglers. Dean's latest products move from scalp to body with his Lavender body cleanser and lotion, also free of detergents. The sell: "a latherless formula with marine collagen, lavender oil and rich botanical extracts thoroughly but gently cleanses the skin without stripping away vital skin moisture..." At $32 each, the lotion and cleanser don't run cheap, but if the new products are like his other elixirs, they'll last a good long while. Available online, and at the Chaz Dean Studio [RackedWire]
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