CHILL: Early Sale for Queen Mary Fun

Ice sculptures, an ice rink, and Mr. Claus? Score some dollars off the Long Beach bash.

FROSTY FUNDS: Money, as in the concept of money, enjoys a number of nicknames and alter egos and sayings and such, and many of them involve the word "cold" or its synonyms. Cold hard cash? That's one. Frozen funds? Okay, yes, that's another, though maybe not quite as delightful. Make it rain? Certainly rain can be chilly, if it arrives just ahead of snow. So how will you describe the savings you enjoy ahead of CHILL, the Queen Mary's annual holiday time ice-plus-everything spectacular? Calling the money you keep "pretty snowflakes in your bank account" isn't quite as catchy as "cold hard cash," but call it what you like, as it is your money and you are saving it. Well, you will save it if you book your ticket for the multi-week Long Beach to-do ahead of time, on a particular day, and you use a code. 

THE DEAL? CHILL begins brisking up our holidays on Friday, Nov. 20, complete with its sculpture- and slide-packed Ice Kingdom and that massive ship-close rink and Santa, too. If you nab your ticket by the day before -- hello, Nov. 19 -- and use CHILL15 as the code, you can score a general admission for $18.99. That's nothing to sniff(le) at; you're saving several dollars on the typical get-in fee. As for the dates? You can apply this code, and snag the deal, for a bevy of days in both November and December, including Nov. 21, 24-27, Dec. 1-4, and Dec. 8-11. There's some additional small print, and such, but the big small print is this: You've got to purchase by a second before midnight on Thursday, Nov. 19 at

AS FOR WHAT'S THERE? Yep, we mentioned the ice slides and sculptures, which are a major part of this yuletide-y wonder. A brand-new Victorian Village is also part of the 2015 sights, and the Giant Rocking Horse is back. But will you brave the Enchanted Forest Hedge Maze? (We predict you probably will; too forward of us?) For all the delightful, gingerbread-scented doings at the big ship, strap on your skates and glide to the Queen Mary's CHILL HQ.

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