Christmas Day Stay in Mammoth Has Bells, Whistles

Book a room for Christmas and receive something nice in your proverbial stocking.

HOLIDAY HOTEL STAY: There are a few patterns that the hospitality industry can rely on. When it snows, skiers will come to stay at your hotel. When it is hot, guests will be out by the pool. And when it is summertime, loads more kids'll be out and about. But holidays are a bit quirkier, and a few in particular. Yes, people are apt to travel more, and more consistently, but some holidays symbolize home, particularly the winter celebrations, so any guests that normally stay with you may choose to bunk down in their aunt's guest room. This can mean that a hotel is either brimming come Christmas or a little quiet, and properties have been known to experience both. So when a popular destination sets up a deal involving Christmas Day, it is good to take note, especially if you like gratis hotel rooms. (Let's assume that you do; too forward?) Nope, your Christmas Day stay at a Mammoth Mountain property will not be free, but you will get a little stocking stuff of sorts, though probably not in an actual stocking: Stay Christmas Day and nab a voucher for a free future night on the mountain. Ho ho ho, indeed.

WHERE TO STAY: Mammoth Mountain Inn, Juniper Springs Resort, and The Village Lodge are all in the swing of this particular thing. A two-night minimum is required, and there are asterisks and use-by dates and such, so read all when you get a moment (say, while your holiday cookies are baking or you've taken a shopping break). Book by Christmas Eve? Yes, that. Easy.

IF STAYING CHRISTMAS ISN'T YOUR THING... then check out the Cyber Monday deal via Westin Mammoth. There are ways to go up the hill this winter without paying a heck of a lot to do so.

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