Church & State Welcomes Tuesday Oyster Gourmet

Church & State owner, Yassmin Sarmadi has invited Maître Écailler, Chef Christophe Happillon to come and share his love of oysters every Tuesday night. The ‘oyster gourmet’ will bring two to three different types each week with his own specialty designed bar. He even packs his own cocktail sauce, and shallot vinegar mignonette. His favorite oysters are from the West Coast, so expect Carlsbad Luna, Totten Virginica, Kumamoto, Malpeque and British Columbia Fanny Bay oysters.


Church & State Sommelier, Jeremiah Henderson will pair Christophe’s oysters; and

Chef Joshua Smith can follow those up with a few select dinner dishes. So just park yourself on Tuesday night from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. [FEAST LA]

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