Cinefamily Wants Your Found Footage

First off all, anyone and everyone with a cardboard box brimming with old VHS tapes stuffed under some bed has footage that is probably, in some way, mysterious. Years pass, we forget friends loaned us stuff we kind of didn't like at all, we find odd little snippets on cable access... and soon, the clips build. And build.

The Cinefamily at Silent Movie Theatre is asking for those clips ahead of its Found Footage Battle Royal, which is throwing down on Saturday, June 27th. To be perfectly clear, and this is straight from the Cinefamily, these are not videos made by the contestants. No student films peopled with earnest types sporting big, overly hairsprayed '90s bobs. These are *found* clips, to be under three minutes. So any "Ring"-cycle length works probably won't do.

Multiple clips are necessary to enter: six, says Cinefamily. And there's a mess of other things to consider. We won't call 'em rules, exactly, since the voting is by applause, and the loose-goose-y spirit of the night will have no such thing as constraints. But if you have some weird/scintillating/can't-be-explained found footage, and you think you might be a potential candidate, contact the Cinefamily at once:

In other words, apply/inquire ahead of time (rather than just showing up with your box of goodies on Saturday night). 

Best of luck, found footage fanatics!

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