Claremont Announces First-Ever Restaurant Week

Aruffo's and The Loving Hut are two of the participating eateries.

CLAREMONT CHARMS: One of the pleasures of a certain university town that's located east of Los Angeles is it has a very high walkability factor. That's not to be taken lightly, as Southern Californians well know; being able to hoof it from a bar to dinner and then onto a theater or a dessert spot doesn't happen in every city 'round this particular region. That Claremont is indeed a university town helps in this regard. But it is almost one of those places that doesn't need to go the extra mile in terms of offering discounts and deals, the better to get people to try new things. Chances are everyone'll stroll by your restaurant eventually. So it's nice that Claremont is going to join the Restaurant Week ranks and go the prix fixe deal route for a full week -- make that a week plus a day -- this summer. The discounts kick off on Tuesday, July 9.

RESTAURANTS ON THE ROSTER: Kazama Sushi, the Loving Hut, Eddie's Pizzeria, and Tutti Mangia are all set to be part of the deals, but there are several others listed.

ON THE CLAREMONT CALENDAR: The 30th annual Claremont Folk Festival is set for June 15 at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden. But before then, in the Garden? The weekend wildflower walks are on. The setting is beautiful and wild and the perfect to-do before heading into the village for a quick lunch.

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