Clip-Clops, Big Tops, and Burbank, Too

"Cavalia" rides for Burbank this January.

Pascal Ratthé

With the holidays settling in and making themselves right at home, we've started to wonder where "Cavalia" might be.

The full name of the show we've been thinking about is "Cavalia: A Magical Encounter Between Horse and Human," and if you think that feels like a take-the-whole-family holiday event, you'd be correct.

But "Cavalia" is making for these parts after the new year, in January, which is okay, too. Figure you can gift someone tickets, or be gifted, and then you'll enjoy once the go-go-go of the season has wrapped.

A few notes. One, we've always loved that horses get billing before humans in the full "Cavalia" title. Two, this will be under a big top in downtown Burbank, which is interesting, and yummy; the area has a lot of good eating. And three, you should know you won't see one horse, or a half dozen, but a full 50 beautiful animals, and aerialists and artists who ride and perform.

Opening night is Jan. 19, 2011; tickets are now on sale. And if you just can't wait, and need a preview, the pretty manes are flying in San Francisco now.

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