Costa Mesa Fun: Sip Wine, Paint, and Support Creativity

Surfas Culinary and the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity team up for a cool night.

Palate and Palettes

THIS IS YOUR CHANCE: The old adage goes that many people, if they could wish for one talent they currently don't have (or deem they don't have), land on either some form of performance -- think singing ability -- or a knack with a blank canvas. And while we can practice the former every single day in many places (the shower, the car on the way to work, the car on the way home) the chance to pursue the latter eludes too many of us. Either we can't find the time to sit down with some pencils and a nice sheet of drawing paper, or paint and a canvas, or we wave it off, thinking our art class days have long passed us by. This is, of course, both A) stuff and B) nonsense. We can still find our inner painter, and we can try our brush-holding hand at it over a single night. A night, by the by, which also includes wine tasting (if that further encourages you). And making it all extra sweet? Part of the ticket price lends some love to The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity in Costa Mesa, meaning that your desire to brush up on your brushstrokes will help future artists hone their craft.

DATE AND DETAILS: The Palate and Palettes evening is set for Thursday, May 21 at the Surfas Culinary District at SOCO. The price is thirty five dollars (or forty five for duos) and that scores you a fresh, ready-to-be-filled canvas and some paints. And, yes, wine as well. The blank space awaiting your inspiration is 16" x 20", by the by, if you want to start daydreaming about the portrait or landscape you wish to create. Will you do something for Dad, since we're only a few weeks out from his important day? Or maybe a graduate you know? Or is this a more personal beginning to your new artistic journey? It is up to you to decide. And if it is true what the adage says, that we all wish we could sing or paint, well, you can warble on the way to and from the Surfas Culinary District. Who says we can't go for two new talents in the space of a single night? Dreaming big is sometimes gas for the creative engine.

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