Cupcake Crossbones T at Johnny Cupcakes

Creepy kudos to Creepy LA for pointing a long, bony, cobweb-covered finger at this sartorial delight: a nifty Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt that's strange enough to don on Halloween but cute enough for year-round wear. We feel like it says so much so fast: the wearer is tough on the outside, but has a strawberry-scented cream center.

The Melrose t-shirt emporium also has a bounty of other cotton-soft short-sleeved wear we'd like to add to our closet (and, with these roasting temps, might have to do so at once). The hilarious, food-inspired t-shirts are our favorites -- there's one of a blender gone bad (you read it right) that makes us laugh out loud. We're also sweet on the Uneasy Bake Oven shirt (never have we seen an appliance looking quite so evil), the colorful Joker-inspired t-shirt, as well as the Day of the Dead-ssert topper (perfect for this weekend).

The designer also makes the cupcake crossbones t-shirt for tykes and guys, plus a bevy of compliment-inspiring bags and baubles.

Johnny Cupcakes, 7959 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

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