Cute Fundraiser: Bowling for Gibbons

Want to raise money for the gibbons of Santa Clarita? Here's a fun way.

FUNKY FUNDRAISER: The good people who plan events that raise money for organization always face a rather complicated road. What sort of happening will engage people and stir up a bit of fun while stirring up funds? So often the choices play it safe, which is a-ok, but we like when a group thinks beyond the normal boundaries. We expect when you oversee a conservation center devoted to several chatty, character-filled gibbons, though, dreaming up fun fundraisers is a bit more par for the course. And a fundraiser called "Bowling for Gibbons" definitely pre-qualifies as something fun.

BOWL AND HELP: The lend-a-hand-to-the-gibbons gathering is set for Saturday, Sept. 14 at the Santa Clarita Lanes (which isn't all that far from the 37-year-old sanctuary). There will be six teams in all, and each team member will head into the event with some money he or she has raised via sponsor pledges. There's also a $30 fee to roll for three games. The gibbons shall be the beneficiaries of 100% of the sponsor money.

A CLOSER VISIT: Nope, the gibbons are sitting out the bowl-a-thon -- we can only imagine their cheering section would be quite loud, given their beautiful and celebrated propensity for song --  but you can say hello to them on another day. Public tours are on the schedule at the Santa Clarita Valley-based Gibbon Conservation Center every Saturday and Sunday morning. There are now "more than 40 gibbons" at the center, meaning you'll be treated to a lot of vocalizing (something the simians are famous for). Admission is ten dollars.

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