Darth Vader, Again and Again and Again

Artist-imagined Vader helmets go on display in LA.

The Vader Project

Darth Vader's closet probably lacked variety.

Just saying is all. Whenever the evil overlord appeared on screen, he had on the same cape, the same fierce shiny gloves, and same iconic helmet.

But what if that helmet was done up in blue swirlies? Or a pale pink? Dozens of artists recently imagined a different chapeau for Mr. Vader. Together those helmets make up The Vader Project. The "Star Wars"-inspired artworks are set to go to auction in Philadelphia in July, but not before they breathe menacingly in Los Angeles for a quickie, 10-day exhibit.

Opening night is June 11 at Freeman's on Melrose. Twenty artists will be putting their signatures on catalogs on Saturday. And then the show's run continues through June 20.

And if you just want to get your shiny-glove'd hands on that auction catalog, there's a way to order it here.

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