Doggie Street Festival

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DOG DAY: San Diego may famously belong to Comic-Con International every July -- or vice versa -- but pups have their day in the sun as well, and they don't even need to sit on a panel or promote a new project they're working on. That's because the Doggie Street Festival is purely about Lassie love and finding Fidos a home. The third outing for this big barker is on Sunday, July 31, at Hilton Bayfront San Diego Park.

HOUNDLY HAPS: It's billed as "Southern California's Largest Dog Adoption Focused Festival." Several rescue groups and doggie-themed companies will have booths and tables, so expect to come away with some literature or possible products. We'd also show in jeans or something comfortable. One tends to kneel a lot at adoption fairs, the better to give some quality lap time to prospective pups. And lap time is key, yes? So much yes. The hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and attendance is free.

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