Doo Dah to Weird Up New Location

The Doo Dah dances to the east. The strangeness remains.

Doo Dah Parade

Some might claim that unpredictability is at the heart of Pasadena's famous Doo Dah Parade, and they'd be right.

Well. Right-ish. It's true that the 34-year-old Doo Dah does sometimes change dates; it jumped from the middle of January to May 1 for 2010. And it's true that the Doo Dah has just changed locations. It is now strutting down east Colorado Boulevard, rather than in the heart of Old Town Pas.

And it is true that the Doo Dah's rule-smacking-down motto has long railed against a predictable world: "Remember the rules: Doo Dah rules!"

But there are themes and regular features we always welcome. The "anyone can join" spirit (well, for the low fee of ten bucks). The floats that sometimes break down. Crowd favorite Uncle Fester. The guys wheeling the full-on barbecues and lobing hot dogs in the air. The outlandishly coutured queen. The mobilized couch.

None of these things are predictable, true, but we want to see them again and again.

The parade, as always, is free. Get there early with your lawn chair. Things start at 11 a.m. Best check out the new route before you Doo Dah over. 

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