Drinks and Convo Are Sweet as Clover at the Culver

True: We just revisited "ET: The Extra Terrestrial" to see if we'd mist up like we did as tots. Misting-up confirmed. But we were most interested to see that the Spielbergian fancy was filmed at Laird International, aka Culver Studios. Had you heard of Laird? And here we were, acting like such know-it-alls about Tinseltown-y stuff. We almost turned in our know-it-all membership card. Almost.

The history of Culver Studios thrills us, and the Culver Hotel, that pretty pie wedge of an inn that sits brick-by-jowl with the studios, thrills as well. We've spoken of our affection for the Munchkiniest hotel in the West before, but we are not alone by any means. The Art Deco Society of Los Angeles is taking Cocktails in Historic Places, its monthly soiree devoted to drinking/dishing, to the Culver Hotel, and if you like sipping and cinema vibes, this is one you'll want to gussy up for and go.

Date's May 22, time's 6-8PM, place is Duke's at the Culver Hotel. If you have velvet gloves or a cloche, give 'em a spin. We'd personally memorize a few Culver-y, movie-ish tidbits to get the conversations jumped. But most of all, we recommend raising a glass to Scarlett, to Dorothy, to ET, and all the ghosts of that world-famous swath of Southern California.

We're tempted to end here with "phone home" but we think you should keep your cell well stowed and enjoy the party and make new friends. Making new friends: a very good tip from ET.

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