Drivin' Double Feature: “Carrie” and “The Children”

Our teeth are chattering just thinking of the hellish celluloid choices that await movie fans tomorrow around Hollywood and the Fairfax District. In the latest installment of our "Drivin' Double Feature" -- that's two movies to watch over one night, with some driving and time for dinner in-between -- the Halloween-themed spotlight shines on a Stephen King teen-horror classic and a warning tale about how nuclear power can make innocent babes go batty.

"Carrie" -- Sissy Spacek as a clairvoyant teenager dealing with a mom-with-issues (the fabulous Piper Laurie) and a sparkly night at the prom that goes really, really wrong. After "The Shining" (yes, we realize that it has long been rumored that King never quite loved Kubrick's version), "Carrie" is our second favorite film made from a book by that master of pop-culture-y macabre (kudos go to director Brian de Palma as well). Once, at the West Hollywood Halloween Parade, we saw a woman dressed as Carrie and we thought "best costume ever." Will someone else take on the challenge to arrive in prom gown/fake blood Saturday night? We hope. At Hollywood Forever, 7PM, Saturday, October 25. Presented by Cinespia.

Dinner: We'd probably order a quick Eddie Cantor at Canter's, as it is just a stroll down the street from Silent Movie Theatre, where they're screening...

"The Children" -- When we reflect upon 1980, we remember people being pretty constantly worried about nuclear war/leaks/plants. How this played out in art -- from "The Day After" to "War Games" -- during the decade has received much scholarly consideration, and "The Children" is an obvious addition to the oeuvre. A group of kids happens upon a cloud of something nasty from a nearby facility and bam! -- they're suddenly little monsters on a scary rampage. If you liked "Village of the Damned" this is the movie for you. At Silent Movie Theatre, 10:15PM, Saturday, October 25. Presented by The Cinefamily.

Saturday, October 25, 7PM
$10 suggested donation, $5 parking
Hollywood Forever, 6000 Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood

"The Children"
Saturday, October 25, 10:15PM
Silent Movie Theatre, 611 N. Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles

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