Eat This: Water Grill's Expanded Raw Bar

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The Raw Bar at Water Grill: The downtown destination for seafood and swanky sips has just expanded its already renowned Raw Bar.

Selection: The new spread includes an octet of oyster goodness -- with bivalves that hail from Mexico, New Zealand, and Connecticut, just to name a few spots -- and items like Oregon Dungeness Crab and Large Channel Island Purple Sea Urchin.

Debuting platters: Beyond the Raw Bar, there are three new dishes loaded with shimmery, plump delicacies. Choose from The Grand, The Deluxe, and The King (you know they're all going to be biggish, with The King being the kingliest). On the dishes: mussels, lobsters, shrimp, king crab, and other succulent, shell-enclosed tasties.

Prices: It is called The King; it goes for $135, and up to eight can feast. The Grand, made for two or three people, is $35, while The Deluxe is $70.

Can the trio of platters be customized? Oh, indeed they can be. Fewer mussels, more king crab, please.

Alaskan King Crab Nuggets: We can't swim away with mentioning these. They're on the Raw Bar. Can you resist anything that has been nuggeted? Can anyone?

Michelin: You know there were no Michelin stars given out for Los Angeles this year, but note that Water Grill is a Michelin favorite from years gone by. It has a much-coveted star.

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