EaterWire: Bistro LQ Updates, More Pizza Soon To Hit SM, plus Payard Perfume

MID-CITY— With it's website up and running and a preview menu to boot, B+S snapped some shots of Laurent Quenioux’s upcoming Bistro LQ which opens Tuesday. [B+S]

SANTA MONICA— In about two weeks NY+C Pizza will (hopefully) join the scant list of edible LA pizza joints. In the old Toi space on Wilshire, NY+C will roll out a hybrid of NY meets Chicago pies in addition to calzones, stromboli, Italian sausage and sausage rolls. And, for those searching out late night eats on the West Side, the pizzeria will be open from 11a to 3a most days. Nice. [Food GPS]

OUT AND ABOUT— In smelly food news, SIV took a break from Petrossian to discuss Francois Payard's line of “gourmand perfumes,” which were actually introduced about six months ago. Anyway, now eat your food and smell like it too with Lychee Mousse, Pistachio Ganache, and Bergamot Truffle. [DD]

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