Golden State Origins, Pinkberry Opens Another

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FAIRFAX—Ever wonder how restaurant projects get started in this day and age? Take the inception of Golden State Cafe, as told by co-owner Jason Bernstein: "There may not have been a single catalyzing moment but I definitely recall getting an IM from James saying, 'We should open a restaurant.' I wrote back, 'I'm down.' A few minutes later, my phone rang and in about 10 minutes we had hashed out the basics of what a 'James and Jason place' would be." Done and done. []

FULLERTON—In the face of the Great Froyo Melt, Pinkberry is still opening up new locations. The latest froyo franchise will debut on Thursday out in Fullerton (550 N. State College Blvd, to be exact), and per standard operating procedures, there will be a buy one, get one free special for all customers. Enjoy, college kids. [EaterWire]

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