Pitfire Overhauls, Dr Tea's Shutters, MORE!

LOS ANGELES—Recession be damned, local mini-chain Pitfire Pizza is tweaking its menu to get fancier: "The menu changes, which will be implemented at all three locations simultaneously, are part of an overall rethinking of the Pitfire brand, which will now attempt to bring a touch of fine dining to the 'convenient casual' price point." They did the memo about downscaling being the new rage, right? [DD]

MELROSE AVE—B+S reports that Melrose Avenue's Dr. Tea's has closed. Apparently, their rent was raised fivefold but they are in the process of scouting new locations. [B+S]

MICHIGAN—Regarding an already infamous, four pound/five patty burger: "The staff dietitian at a doctors group is asking the West Michigan Whitecaps to put a warning label on the enormous new hamburger that it's selling this season...She's asking that the 4,800-calorie burger be labeled a 'dietary disaster' that increases the risk of cancer and heart disease." [AP via ENY]

TWITTERVERSE—Hey look, Kurt Andersen is in town: "Best restaurant meal I've had in a very long time: Osteria Mozza in LA. Butter lettuce salad, sweetbread piccata, hot-donut-y dessert. Mmmm." [Twitter]

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