EaterWire: Provecho Wine Dinner, Lot 1's New Deals

DOWNTOWN—On March 4th, Provecho will hold a five-course winemaker dinner. The special dinner will cost $85 and will team up Provecho toque Gabriel Morales with winemaker Brian Graham of Ramian Estate. [EaterWire]

ECHO PARK—When it comes to the increasingly-ubiquitous recession specials, some are more desperate than others. This is one of those, via Eastsider: "On Thursday, a sign on green poster board out front reflected Lot 1's current culinary shift: 'Chili Dog, Root Beer Float, $5.' A sign has also promoted a $6 all-you-can-eat pancake special and something called a Death Dog." [Eastsider]

WEST HOLLYWOOD—Not even superchains are immune to the economy, as a WeHo tipster mourns that his local Pizza Hut on Santa Monica and San Vicente (under Trader Joe's) has closed. [ShutterWire]

WISCONSIN—Some people just really want unemployment benefits. From Yahoo News: "A restaurant worker was accused of trashing the place in an attempt to get fired and collect unemployment compensation. A criminal complaint filed Thursday said a 35-year-old man showed up at a Qdoba restaurant and started throwing brownies and cookies on the floor. The man then went into the kitchen and threw pots and pans around, then went into a storage area and threw boxes of hot sauce on the floor." [Yahoo]

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