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Eye vintage Halloween cartoons aplenty. Hey, there's Porky Pig?


Halloween cartoons? We all have our favorite. Our own scary season personally cannot begin before we see Ichabod Crane awkwardly romancing Miss Katrina Van Tassel in "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow." And, of course, you have Peanuts. Say it with us now: "I got a rock!"

Oh, Charlie Brown. Oh.

But while we treasure our spooky standards we do like to add new creepy cartoons into the mix every so often. Enter Jerry Beck, the man who knows everything about every animated thing ever made -- we're actually holding back there in our effuse praise -- and the Cinefamily. Every year the twosome, man and movie house, throw a Monster Mash at the Silent Movie Theatre, and a whole oodle of older Halloween cartoons go up on the big screen.

The 2011 date is Tuesday, Oct. 4. Price is twelve bucks.

So what will make our teeth chatter this year? Well. Some offerings will bear the gentle patina of time -- say, several decades -- but look for '70s and '80s fare as well. Oh, the Groovie Ghoulies! It has been too long. We're excited to see some Witch Hazel, too. How in the world does she click her heels like that?

Witch Hazel makes us think of a bubbling cauldron* which seems like the perfect symbol for this particular night. Mr. Becks stews up a bunch of animated goodies and they pop and burble out of the pot, hot and Halloweeny. Fun fun.

* Is it a law that the word "bubbling" must precede "cauldron"? We have a theory this is so.

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