Enjoying the LA Animation Festival, “Day & Night”

Hard-to-find works and Pixarian masterpieces will screen.

Salt & Straw

Just about everyone who walked inside a movie theater saw "Toy Story 3" over the summer. Just about everyone 'fessed up to a tear or two, especially during the (spoiler-spoiler-should-we-even-be-saying-"spoiler"-at-this-point?-spoiler) scene where the little green men arrive with the ultimate claw.

But let us pause to do some arm-bowing before "Day & Night," the Teddy Newton-directed short that ran ahead of the sniffle-inducing feature. Wow. Just. Great schnikeys. Could you believe you were even seeing what you were seeing during the short? We're just glad there was an usher in the aisle who prevented us from running up to the screen and attempting to enter the fantastical world.

Now Mr. Newton will be talking and screening his mirthful masterpiece at The 2nd Los Angeles Animation Festival, which will be unspooling (or undigitaling?) at Cinefamily at Silent Movie from Dec. 3-6.

Mr. Newton's date is Dec. 4, but look for a whole bucketful of wonders from around the world. Films that just can't be found by hook or crook in some cases.

Should we also mention stop-motion maven Will Vinton will be an honoree? Of course. His film about Mark Twain will also show. Let that idea roll about a bit: A stop-motion film starring Mark Twain.

It's a beautiful world, even if we can't exist inside "Day & Night." Still trying to figure that one out.

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