Escape the 405 Deal

REALLY BIG: How big is the weekend-long closure of the 405 freeway turning out to be? It seems as if the answer "really big" is sufficing, although its bigness continues to grow the closer we draw near. It's gotten so big that even other cities are getting in on the deal-offering; we had thought that might be limited to merchants in and around Los Angeles. But no. Hotel Oceana in Santa Barbara has an "Escape the 405" deal on, and the dates of the deal have been well thought out.

JULY 14-18, 2011: If you want to enjoy this deal, you *do not* need to leave Los Angeles, or drive through the city, on either July 16 or 17, the dates of the 405 closure. Rather you can toodle out on July 14 or 15, and return on the following Monday. The hotel is offering 15-percent off a stay over those dates, with other goodies, like $4.05 cocktails. And there's a "Friday night cocktail reception for all 405 warriors." Maybe the plan is indeed just to either stay home or escape the city entirely, at least for a night or two. Plan accordingly, and be sure to patronize those places you love that are being impacted. Once the work is done. Or before. How about both? 

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