Extended: CHILL Set to Not Melt Quite Yet

Balmy days making you long for winter? The Queen Mary hears ya.

THINGS CAN GO TWO WAYS... with what people want when something a little unexpected happens. Either the unexpected is embraced or the way that things usually are is what is longed for, right? Sounds simple, but that's where it is at. Take the summer-type weather we've been experiencing here at the very start of 2014. Pools are opening that normally stay shuttered during January, and the beaches? Yeah, they're brimming with revelers looking to make the most of the temps. Many people welcome this sunnier turn of events, but there are those that, well, like some winter with their winter, even in Southern California. If the idea of donning a tank top before you spend the day taking down the Christmas decorations doesn't appeal, and you want something more in the mitten-range, sartorially, take frosty hear: The Queen Mary's CHILL has been extended for a few more days.

MEANING... that the cold-cold-cold wonderland of an attraction will pack up the last igloo, metaphorically, on Sunday, Jan.12. And, nope, this isn't just about skating under the warm sun, which still can feel a little summery, strangely. This is about entering the 14,000-square-foot dome next to the Queen Mary and playing among "hand-crafted ice exhibits" and sculptures and such. And is there an ice slide? Oh heck yeah, there is. As you're careening down it, feeling truly brisk-of-behind, just laugh and think of all of those cocoa-buttered people on the beaches outside, getting their wintertime sunbathing in.

AND... there's a walk-through castle made of ice, too. Didn't get your fill of holiday whimsy? You've got time. Just be sure to bundle up over your swimsuit, because it is indeed very low of temperature inside. Could you slide down that brrrr-y slide and then hit the sand for a tan later in the day? This is SoCal. Of course this is how it rolls here, the capital city of Anything's Possible.

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