Eye All the Best Pic Nominees All in One Day

Oh, to be at a jostling, people-packed Oscars party and not have a bloody notion about what this one film is or who that star played or what in world is happening. You're clueless. You're sad. You're picking forlornly at a wilted vegetable plate, and nursing a flat beer, petulantly. You're gone.

But, there's still time to get up to speed on every single Best Picture Nominee. AMC Theatres is throwing a mega-hour, all-day-long Best Picture Showcase on Saturday, February 21. All the movies up for the Best Picture at the following day's Oscars -- "Milk," "The Reader," "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," "Slumdog Millionaire," and "Frost/Nixon" -- are all the on the schedule. Plus, so is a large popcorn with -- wait for it -- unlimited refills all day. Mmm, butter and salt delivery system. Right on. And all for $30, which is a sweet price, in our view. Consider that "Milk" starts at 10:30AM, and "Frost/Nixon" will wrap close to midnight. That's is a day chockful, crammed-to-the-ceiling-tops, and positively overflowing with cinematic magic.

EW put this baby on its Must List and we must concur. Good stuff. And if you've already seen some or most of these films, you know you can probably do it again. Find that not-in-the-movie-loop friend who is going to that Academy Awards-viewing bash with you and make them go. You don't want to have to be explaining to them what is going all during the party on Sunday, right? We thought not.

AMC Theatres Best Picture Showcase
Theatres vary; see web site for more info
Saturday, February 21


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