Family Sleepover Night at the Aquarium

Grown-ups get to join in the fish-close fun.


When kids get invited to a museum or movie theater or school for a stay-all-night party, very often parents -- save the parents who are going along as chaperons -- are not invited.

Which is one reason the Family Sleepover Night at the Aquarium of the Pacific caught our eye. The name says it all; parents are most definitely invited to this overnighter. No just signing the forms and then waiting to clean out Junior's backpack the next day; you're part of the party, adults.

The date is Friday, July 23; it is $60 per person. You should also note that fish fans should be over age 5.

There will be pizza in the evening, and cereal in the morning, and there will be snoozing steps away from the beasties that call the institution home.

We'll add that check-in is at 5 p.m. on Friday, so if this intrigues you'll want to make plans now (due to needing to leave work early, at least for many people). There are also, as you can imagine, not too many spaces available. Popular popular. Popular like that pet-a-shark tank is always popular.

And now you can know once and for all if the sea lions are morning people. Morning lions? We bet they are, wet whiskers glittering in the dawn's light.

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