Family Tree Talk with Lisa Kudrow

The actress stops by the Autry to talk about her genealogy show.

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Genealogy? It's compelling. So compelling that it remains one of those pursuits that can almost entirely and very happily consume an enthusiast. A genealogist can spend an inordinate amount of hours digging through fading photographs and birth certificates and the other important ephemera that a family so easily collects -- and sometimes too easily discards -- over time.

Which makes the NBC reality show "Who Do You Think You Are" a big draw for many. The upshot -- stars finding out more about their own family trees -- is at once both glamorous (stars) and personal (the fact that we all have people who came before us). Now the creative team behind that show, including executive producer Lisa Kudrow, will be chatting about their show, and the concept of finding the heart in your own history.

The evening goes down at The Autry National Center on Thursday, March 22. The museum is a great fit for a past-looking discussion, of course, since staffers spend so much of their own time searching archives and finding the facts -- and charming fictions -- about the people who made the legends and real-life stories of the West.

Cost is ten dollars.

And lest you think the show, or discussion, or genealogy at large is just so much filing and documenting, it goes beyond. Do you ever wonder what private jokes your great-grandparents had, or childhood tales, anecdotes and moments now lost to time?

True past-searching involves dates, yes, but also the emotions that filled those dates. Meaning genealogy is probably a forever pursuit for the human race. Just picture the people who will one day be looking up our stories, way down the road.

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