Find Your Thrill the World Dance Lesson

"Thriller" dance lessons are happening near you.

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Now that it is October, and the weather has gone murky, and orange crepe paper is hanging in all the stores, we just need to give it over to the mischievous spirits that run the hauntingest month of the year.

But they're not all mischievous. Some want to help -- even teach -- and we believe there are things to learn. Take, for instance, the steps to "Thriller." There are several teachers around town demonstrating all the zombie-cool moves to the Michael Jackson hit, all in advance of the Saturday, Oct. 23 globe-wide "Thrill the World" event (where thousands dress up in ghoulish gear and slump and pop, zombierifficly).

For instance, there's a Monday, Oct. 4 evening lesson in Pasadena. If you can't make that one, there are courses going down all over the Southland over the next two weeks. Santa Monica, Lancaster, Long Beach. Someone, near you, is yowling and grooving.

We're hoping several prospective ghouls saw the Thrill the World-ers perform on Sunday, Oct. 3 at the Los Angeles County Fair, and were immediately inspired to walk the foggy, fearsome path this year.

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