Flying to Mammoth from OC? Here's a Ski-riffic Deal.

Yeah, we said "ski-riffic" and meant it, too.

MOUNTAIN FLIGHT: Mammoth Mountain is easily reachable from points around Southern California, but there's also the knowledge that you'll need to take a solid part of a morning or day to do so. (Personally, we're cool with that, because the 395? Yeah, it's like one of the greatest highways on the planet, period.) But sometimes you have to get up to nature and relaxing and schussing p.d.q. And sometimes you just don't want to make that drive (because, let's be honest, you're gonna load up on that chile cheese bread at Schat's in Bishop, which is delicious, but you buy one loaf too much, because everyone does, because it is the best breadstuff anywhere). If you want to do the get-there-super-fast thing, United Airlines has a solid offer going for people flying out of Orange County. And this is it: Get a free day of skiing (or riding) on the same day you fly up to Mammoth from the O.C.

THAT'S BASICALLY IT: If you're a Mammoth regular, you know this is a $99 value, so that's good stuff. You also know that you'll want to head for the slopes the moment you get up there. What, you're going to hang around your room or condo, doing nothing? No. You'll be out in the cold, loving life and having a ball. Just be sure to hang onto your boarding pass, because you'll need to show it day-of to get the deal. Read the fine print, too, because that's important.

The United Airlines OC-Mammoth deal is on now through Sunday, April 14. Certain days of the week for valid, so best eye all.

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