Free Fries Fry-day

Congress reached a deal, so the Counter is delivering the tasty.

There are many questionable things in this world, but here's one truth: If you promise free fries, you better deliver on that promise. Because people do not take free fries lightly.

Especially if the matter over which those fries are promised is very important and not at all light. The recent debt talks inspired The Counter restaurant to make a promise. And that promise? If Congress reached a deal then The Counter would serve free fries, with a purchase, on Friday, Aug. 19. (The restaurants were even imploring their fans to contact their congresspeople, so props to that.)

An agreement was reached, as you might have heard. And now the frou-frou burger chain is set to deliver. Go to any Counter on Friday, Aug. 19 (save the Miami airport -- we're just noting that one), order something, and get free fries on the side. That includes sweet potato fries. Oh yeah. 

Could more businesses participate in this sort of positive action? It got some notice. Imagine if other chains and companies stirred the get-involved-it's-your-civic-duty pot. It could be kind of major.

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