Frosting, Moistness, Yum: Your Opinion Desired

You're a pretty good judge of pretty much everything. You're able to weigh the smallest details, and then see the bigger picture. In addition to having a knack for considering several disparate elements before making a decision, you like sweet things in small packages, purple-swirly frosting, wee paper holders the size of a cupped palm. You've also been known to accept a second piece of birthday cake, and, on the occasion of your birthday, and anyone else's birthday, often a third or fourth slice.

The Cupcake Challenge is a mouthwatering meeting of the minds, as its name would suggest. Several of LA's top cupcake houses will gather together to put out their sugary-sweet wares in hopes that those in attendance -- aka you, if you choose to pay the admission and lend your snacking prowess -- will name their edibles the best cupcakes in the land (the land here being Los Angeles). Spots like SusieCakes, The Oinkster, and Southern Girl Desserts are on the frosted roster.

Feel like "you" and "Cupcake Challenge" might have several things in common? If so, get to the Renaissance Hotel in the heart of Hollywood on Sunday, March 29, from 1-4PM (tickets are $40; see site for details). And maybe enjoy something light and uncake-y for breakfast that day. You will need all the focus and concentration you can muster. No, not mustard, muster (mustard's a whole other foodie competition...)

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