Garrett Morris's Club Reopens at the Alexandria

The comedian's blues and comedy venue has a new home at a vintage hotel.

It's not unusual for a comedy or music happening to land in a few venues over the years. It's also not unusual for a cadre of comedians or musicians to stick close to the club, wherever it happens to land. 

If the venture has a big name on the marquee? Be assured it'll continue through renovations and reopenings.

Such is the case with Garrett Morris's Downtown Blues & Comedy Club. Started by Mr. Morris -- you probably have memorized at least three of his "Saturday Night Live" sketches, we'll guess -- and Kevin Garnier about a half decade back, the stage has gone through, well, a few stages.

But now it has a new home, at the Alexandria Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, and an opening weekend party to fete the new (new and vintage, we should say) digs.

Jennifer Coolidge, Vicki Barbolak, and Jonathan Kite are three of the funny people set to get the club rolling, while The Deacon Jones Blues Band and The Martin Guigui All Star Blues Band will be lending some tunes. A ticket for the Saturday, Nov. 10 evening is $20.

After the opening weekend, shows will run on Friday and Saturday nights, generally; props to Mr. Morris and the club for having a reputation for welcoming newer comics and giving them a spotlight for a few important minutes.

Props also to the Alexandria; it's a beautiful and historic hotel and is deserving of all the nightlife love that comes its way.

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