Get Soused with a Special Sauce at Home

A Russian-Armenian family whips up a pancake sauce with a boozy kick

Whiskey and breakfast are two words you usually don't use in the same sentence.

Not at Home restaurant in Los Feliz.

"When my mom makes the desserts, I always eat a little bit of what she makes," said Aram Serobian, owner of Home. "One day I tried one of the sauces she was making and I said this would be good on top of the pancake, like you're eating dessert."

The special sauce is made concentrated milk, sour cream and a shot of whisky.

"People always say you have the most delicious pancakes. We always come back for your pancakes," said Serobian.

"Although I only had my pancakes with syrup, I'd be interested in trying out the white sauce next time," said Evans Colton, a first time diner at Home. "The shot of whiskey definitely sounds like a great morning pick-me-up."
Home is not just about the boozed up breakfast, it's about feeling like being at home.

"We really want to make the people coming here feel like guests rather than customers," said Serobian.

The restaurant lives up to this motto by creating a hangout that features an outdoor patio, pond and exotic fish.
"All my creativity is on display at the restaurant," said Serobian. "From the two large, overhead trees that shade the restaurant to the napkin holders on the table, it is all authentic."

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