Get Your Forsooth On

A harbinger of spring dons a doublet and gallops by.

C. Alford

Just when we were all set to be wisecracky, and say that there aren't many signs of spring long about early January, we opened the blinds and remembered that early January in Southern California doesn't always play by early January-type rules.

Yep. The crocuses may not be in bloom yet, but, ohhh, you know they want to be. Eighty degrees? Flowers seem ready to get down to bursting business, but we hope they shan't, because, well. February cold-rain-a-thon. 'Nuff said.

But the realest sign of spring being just a pip away? The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire's annual ticket discount sale, which brightens the early winter of many a damsel and knight. The tickets are $15 a pop, the fair -- sorry, faire -- opens on Saturday, April 7, and the crocuses really will be in bloom.

Wait, do we have crocuses here? Oh, we're holding our sides and chuckling. It's Los Angeles. We have everything bloomy that's every bloomed or will bloom, ever.

Sorry non-LA places. Friends?

Ren Faire will once again land at Santa Fe Recreation Dam, it'll run weekends through May 20, and people will wave turkey legs and twirl in beribboned costumes and act jestery. Sometimes simultaneously.

Thank you, lovely play actors and your forsooths and ye oldes. You brighten spring ahead of spring even arriving. Maybe the crocuses can take a lesson here. Tell them we sent you.

The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire's 50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee Holidazzle Ticket Sale is on through Saturday, Jan. 7.

Photo: "Jolly Drinker" by C. Alford

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