Golden Gate Suite

You love the bridge. You love staying in San Fran. Done and done.

Hotel Palomar

SUPERSTAR SPAN: It's a fact that a certain city sandwiched between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean -- oh, whoops, BIG hint right there, as to the city's name -- is celebrating its most famous bridge. But calling the Golden Gate Bridge "famous" is like calling food "edible." It is probably one of the most celebrated spans on the planet, meaning that it gets a lot of love throughout the year. But come a big anniversary, like a 75th? Oh, the party is on. San Francisco is basically giving it fully over to feting the orange-y wonder on Memorial Day Weekend, but there are other ways to enjoy its regal towers and noble lines throughout the year. One fun way? A stay in the new Golden Gate Suite at Hotel Palomar.

A BRIDGE OF A ROOM: There are several swank touches we like about the space, but from the photo above you can probably guess where we'll land first. Nope, the Golden Gate Bridge isn't just outside the Palomar's windows; if you know its location you know it is plunk down in the busy, bustling city. But those are some rather dramatic decals. Cool, right? Decals, you always impress. There's also artwork and pillows and other details that will summon the icon. There are other tasty treats that come with the room, like a special Golden Gate cocktail (it's called the Vermillion M.E.S., an homage to the bridge's particular orange hue). But if you're a bridge person you best act fast, or fast-ish; the suite is available through Dec. 31 of this year. Rates start at $439 per night.

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