Grandkids + Granddad Band

"Wild Thing" singer Chip Taylor harmonizes with his three granddaughters.

Chip Taylor & The Grandkids

There are numerous sibling acts who've taken the charts -- hi, The Jackson Family and The Bee Gees and Angus & Julia Stone and the Carpenters -- and a few parents who've sung with their grown children -- the Wainwrights memorably sang with their mom, and yes, there were the Von Trapps -- but the bands consisting of grandparents and grandchildren are far less common.

Which is a shame. Isn't there an agency somewhere in town that can get behind this concept? There's definitely a big audience out there, and certainly when the grandparent in question had a very big hit. Figure grandparents would love to show the grandkids what they listened to when they were the grandkids' ages.

There is one man leading the way. We're thinking of Chip Taylor, the songwriter behind "Wild Thing." Now one of the biggest hitmakers of the '60s is performing with his three grandkids. Meet Riley, age 13, Kate, age 11, and Samantha, age 8. The family quartet'll be heading for Dragonfly DuLou on Sunday, Nov. 20 for a free concert. It's a morning concert, we'll add, making it an ideal event for grandparents and grandchildren to attend together.

Does Mr. Taylor and the Misses Riley, Kate, and Samantha have a new album out? Why yes they do. It's called "Golden Kids Rules," so expect to hear selections from that during the show.

So, hitmakers of this time or the past few decades. Are you singing at home with younger members of your household? Can you take it on the road? Bet there are some fans out there that would love to see you perform live, and would very much dig the high-spirited, multi-generational vibe on the show.

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