Grindhouse Film Fest Throws Fists, Asks Questions Later

The Grindhouse Film Festival peels into the New Beverly -- can you smell the smoking rubber of the tires and dust hanging in the air? -- for an over-the-top night devoted to star Rudy Ray Moore and his films "Dolemite" and "The Human Tornado" (a film that boasts the memorable tagline "a nerve-shattering, brain-battering, mind-splattering, one man disaster!").

The evening takes on a special poignancy as Mr. Moore passed away in October at age 81. Special guests will be on hand for the event, including Ernie Hudson (he starred in "The Human Tornado"), and the guys who've put the mayhem-laced spectacular together promise vintage movie trailers and more cinematic goodies.

Grindhouse flicks came to the forefront of pop culture a couple of years back with the release of the Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino double-bill (you might remember that Rose McGowan, in Rodriguez's "Planet Terror," has her leg replaced with a machine gun). Exploitation, cult, sexy, gruesome -- the terms applied to grindhouse films, which got their start in low-rent theaters back in the 1960s and 1970s, are lurid, shocking and usually apt. If you've been feeling like the holidays are a bit too sweet, the cookie-fied atmosphere a bit to sugary, a night of grindhouse rock-'em-sock-'em is the powerful antidote.

Tuesday, December 2, 7:30
New Beverly Cinema, 7165 W. Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles

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