Happy 25th, “Back to the Future”

A movie people still love, forever and ever.

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There's a whole bunch of age- and time-based skipping-about in "Back to the Future," but one thing is for sure: the '80s classic that still receives all kinds of big-screen play around town will turn 25 on July 3, 2010.

It could get into a DeLorean and zip through the eons but that wouldn't change this fact. And that one of the great teenage flicks is hitting an oh-so-adult milestone deserves a bit of celebrating.

You know, if you're a fan, and you are, that "Back to the Future" used many Los Angeles locations to memorable effect. The Puente Hills Mall was a major setting. So was the Gamble House in Pasadena; the landmark's store served as Doc Brown's mad lab. And much of the movie was shot at Universal Studios.

There are many other spots around SoCal associated with the film. We'd definitely go Gamble on July 3, and maybe Universal, too; it is, after all, the Fourth of July weekend, and it is practically the law that one must theme-park-it over a summer holiday.

Marty McFly, we love you and your Calvin Kleins. You too, Biff. Mostly.

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