Happy 35th, “Tommy”

The famous rock opera, and its director, will be feted.

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2010 must certainly be the year for legendary directors to revisit their legendary films here in Los Angeles.

Wait. That's every year, but with Ridley Scott talking "Blade Runner" in a few weeks, and Ken Russell talking "Tommy," the time of legends is particularly nigh.

Ken Russell! That Ken Russell. "The Lair of the White Worm" Ken Russell. The envelope-pushing Ken Russell. The director will be at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on Friday, May 21 to Q&A a screening of The Who's "Tommy," which marks its 35th anniversary this year.

"Tommy" at 35. One of the quintessential youth films, and the quintessential rock opera, and the movie that launched a Broadway hit, and a musical mindset. It's still timeless.

As is the sound, the look, the outfits. Don't you kind of want those mega-sparkly platforms Elton John struts about in during the "Pinball Wizard" bit? Ann-Margret's flouncy get-ups, too? And Roger Daltrey's tangled curls?

The Academy says it will run with its "original quintophonic soundtrack." The word "quintophonic" doesn't get unleashed very much, but when it does, stand back.

This night is $5. Five dollars. We always have to say it when we think it: get tickets now if you want to go. Don't be in the "wish I'd tried earlier" queue.

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