Haunted Orange County Meets Heritage Square

Call it an October-flavored mash-up with a dose of spine-chilling fun.

HAUNTED ORANGE COUNTY: There are plenty of fine 'n frightful ghost tours around, but a certain tour-by-night organization really knows the older buildings and even older stories of the OC. We speak, of course, of Haunted Orange County. The tours regularly wend around Orange and Santa Ana, and special one-night-only events land in some of the region's most stored -- and maybe scary -- structures. So when Haunted Orange County takes a road trip up north, to do a little October-style exploring in one of LA's most atmospheric destinations, it is worth noting. Call it a spine-tingling meeting of supernatural buffs from both the OC and Los Angeles. And the destination is...

HERITAGE SQUARE: Of course. It could be a setting for a Halloween movie any time of the year, but come the fall, the historic clutch of landmarks off the 110 become even more atmospheric. So on Saturday, Oct. 12, actor Chad Lindberg and Jason Gates of "Haunted Collector" will make for the Victorian homes with ghostly pursuits in mind. And while Heritage Square indeed marks the haunting season, this is a little different for the freeway-close, building-filled park. Heritage Square is known for its mourning tours, and some Halloween-themed silent screenings, but a true ghost tour of the structures is a rarer thing. Tickets are $75 each.

SANTA ANA TOUR: If the Heritage Square night wrings your wraith-intrigued bell, take a look at the Santa Ana walkabout. The beautiful Howe-Waffle Mansion is discussed, so LA-area history lovers might want to road trip down for a historic and haunty stroll around old Santa Ana.

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