This article is sponsored by 76®, a California brand that's been on the driver's side for over 80 years. To help 76 fight Honkaholism visit

We've all been there: Stuck in traffic, stopped at a red light, caught behind a school bus or yielding as an elderly pedestrian crosses the street and suddenly--inexplicably!--the driver behind us starts laying on his or her horn. It's…obnoxious.

Or, worse yet, perhaps we're the offender, the rage-filled noise polluter lacking patience for our fellow drivers. Hey, even the most courteous of commuters can fall into the routine of honking their feelings.

This serious condition is known as Honkaholism, and it's been plaguing our fair streets for far too long. That's why 76® is here to help ease your pain, whether you're a hardcore Honkaholic or merely on the receiving end of their beeping aggression.

At you'll find a wealth of resources, from a self-diagnosis test (to thy own self be true, people) to learning proper honking etiquette by playing Honk or Not. You can even sign up for a free 76 Honk Suppressor, which you can squeeze in lieu of laying on the horn the next time your stuck in traffic.

But the campaign doesn't stop there. Spread the anti-honkaholism word via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by hashtagging your posts, tweets and photos with #stophonkaholism, #honkaholic and #honkaholism.

A quieter road is a happier road for drivers everywhere. Visit to learn more.

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