Hi-Tech Gadgets for Mom

Check out some alternative Mother's Day gifts

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It may be the most difficult purchase you make this spring -- what to buy for Mother's Day. As busy as moms are, consider the latest in hi- and low-tech gadgets for their active lives.

For moms who like to capture family moments, then think about buying her the latest video camera. From the makers of the Clip comes the "The Slide HD." It has more functionality than the previous cameras, with a slide-up viewer, four hours of memory, a touch screen with scroll ability, as well as a headphone and HDMI output. You can also personalize the Slide HD by either selecting from a gallery of artwork or you can upload your own design. The Slide HD sells for $279. One note: if you wish to personalize go the flip.com website. You won't be able to do that at a retail store.

If not a FlipCam, then how about Flip Clips. The Los Angeles-based company lets you download a favorite video of either 10, 15 or 30 seconds and converts them into a retro-styled flip book. You remember those books. They are similar tobones you made in school. They retails for as little as $6. The same company also offers Photo Lunch Boxes. They take your submitted photo and scan them onto a lunch box for $30.

There's also the latest in MP3 players. The SanDisk Sansa Clip+ is perfect for the Mom who either doesn't want to bothered with uploading music or who doesn't own a computer. The Sansa Clip+ can take cards pre-loaded with songs. Some cards contain as many as 1,000 songs. The Sansa sells between $40 to $70.

Now if you Momis into books, then there's the choice of aniPad, the Sony Reader Digital Book and the Kindle.

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