Hollywood Bowl, Rama Lama Ding a Dong

Your summer sing-along gets "Summer Nights"-ier.


Maybe it was Paul McCartney.

Scratch that. It was definitely Paul McCartney. When we've thought of the Hollywood Bowl over the last week, Sir McCartney has been filling up all our thought-having space, seeing as how his much-touted concerts are happening on Tuesday, March 30 and Wednesday, March 31.

So that word of a Bowl-based "Grease" sing-a-long slipped by us a few days back can be forgiven. We hope. It is a still a few months out -- Friday, June 25 is the date -- but we know this'll be a thing. Like, a tickets-going-fast, get-your-poodle-skirts-dry-cleaned thing.

No single tickets are listed for sale yet, but it is on the Bowl's "5 or More" list.

We were have tempted to type "move over, 'Sound of Music sing-a-long'!" But we would never, ever type that. Because people into the "Sound of Music"? Do not mess. We are one. To the ends of the earth, we will defend and do re mi.

Plus, the sing-a-long "Sound of Music" is still on, so breathe. Saturday, September 25 is the dirndl-icious night.

Okay. Now we return to thinking of Paul McCartney.

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