Hollywood Classic: Real Stars Posing by Sidewalk Stars

Another day, another star on the Walk of Fame. We're not ho-hum about it in the least; after all, the hordes of tourists who stroll Hollywood Boulevard, staring down, cameras pointed down, are a picture-perfect sight in themselves. Few attractions on the planet require people to look down, so we like to think we appreciate its one-of-a-kind-ness.

Suggestion, though: Watch the knocking of heads, especially as you walk around the footprints outside the Chinese Theatre.

Cameron Diaz got her look-down accolade on Monday, June 22nd, and the first two things we noticed, in no particular order, were that her special square is right by the Pig and Whistle, which is a fine place to enjoy a beer after the viewing of a movie at The Egyptian next door. Also, that the red/white combo of her dress was perfectly pert and prim.

Prim is a lost art. And don't even start us on pert.

But the third and major thing we looked for was The Pose. You know the one: Every time a star gets a star on the Walk of Fame, they have to lounge across it, on the ground, looking for all the world like they're back home, sitting on a shag rug in the den and playing Monopoly. We can't help but picture a can of Fresca and some chips nearby.

This cheers us. We see stars seductively standing and turning and hip thrusting every three minutes. The lounge-on-the-ground moment is pure Walk of Fame.

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