Hops Hangout: OC Fest of Ales

Enjoy foods paired with foams from 35+ brewhouses.

FOOD AND FOAM: When strolling about, outside, with a plate in hand, and a small glass of superlative suds, life gets a bit simpler. It truly is about soaking up a few afternoon rays, and finding a place to park it in the aforementioned rays, the better to take a few bites followed by a few sips and see how the eats and the beverage work together. Or do you want to sip first, then dig into that enchilada or banh mi or those onion rings? It's a balancing act, the beer-food tasting, but, in the end, individual preference shall win out. Enjoying both, and some mid-September sunbeams, is the name of the gourmet food, craft beer game at the OC Fest of Ales, the annual alfresco gathering at Anaheim's Center Street Promenade. 

SATURDAY, SEPT. 17... is the 2016, the final Saturday of fall, so you might think of the festival as that merry middle place between summer's suds spectaculars and the autumntime Oktoberfests. It has its own vibe, though, a vibe complemented by 35+ regional brewers and a host of OC restaurants. Be 21 to attend, and know that your ticket'll net you food tastings along the way. A few of the breweries set to pour include Barley Forge Brewing, Phantom Ales, and Sudwerk Brewing Company, while Out of the Park Pizza, Cross Roast, and Adya are a few of the purveyors of sustenance and sweets. Want to buy your designated driver a ticket? That would be so kind (it's $35). Your ticket, should you want to sample suds, is $70. For more on the festival, and all of the brew-y good-timing ahead, follow the foam line-up here.

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