How Bad's the Food? Lemme Tell Ya

Actor Carl Reiner unthrilled by hotel banquet food in Century City

Actor Carl Reiner's on-stage comments about the banquet food served in Century City last night weren't as quotable as the script of Caddyshack -- "This steak still has marks from where the jockey was hitting it" -- but the sentiment was the same.

Blogged by Melissa Grego and promptly noted at LA Observed, Reiner apparently went off about what was on his plate, to much applause.

Reiner, who was at the Hyatt in Century City to receive an honor from the Paley Center for Media, reportedly talked about the food repeatedly.

Some of his quotes as highlighted by Grego:

"Food is so important … Wouldn't it have been nice to have great food tonight?"

"Wouldn't you rather have had a Paley hot dog?"

“Wasn't the food awful?”

No doubt anticipating the backlash from the kitchen help at the Hyatt, Reiner also explained that "The truth is more important than whoever is going to be hurt by that."

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