If You Want to Play Kirk for a Day, You Can. And Should.

Movies and TV shows that people want to live charm us. We're not talking about the films that you watch and you think, "well, that was one way to pass two hours." We're talking about the flicks that inspire people to dress up, to act them out, to go to the places where the film was shot. We've all had that movie, or maybe, several of 'em.

With the J.J. Abrams mega-flick due in theaters in mere hours, we went to the most devoted Trekker we know to talk being a part of the world of "Star Trek"; here are his tips...

LOCATIONS: The original "Star Trek" shot several exterior scenes around LA (picture a stripped-down Kirk wrasslin' with some scaly alien). This is a pretty solid list. Camera is definitely required if you go.

PARAMOUNT STUDIOS TOUR: Our Trekker knows this one like the back of a Klingon's hand. He said it is worth it to see the soundstages where all the various ST incarnations filmed. Plus, juicy, behind-the-scenes stories are often told. How can any story starring Mr. William Shatner not be interesting? That man. He's a gem.

THE "STAR TREK" EXPERIENCE: In Vegas. It closed, it's opening again, it's in a different location. So be patient, "Trek" people. It's an excellent attraction we're looking forward to seeing once more. Make that "Ten Forward" (yep, we did).

THE CONS: Creation Entertainment's "Star Trek" convention is in August in Las Vegas. Comic-Con, a fine place to break out that Data costume, rolls this July in San Diego. Book early, and arrive dressed to impress/scare/bewitch.

LISTEN: "Spaced Out: The Best of Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner" is one of the finest albums ever put to vinyl. It's well worth a listen as you drive to your next convention. But you probably own this one already, right? "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins" by Mr. Nimoy remains an all-time favorite.

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